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3 Coleman Street
#01-29 (Ground Floor)
Peninsula Shopping Centre
Singapore 179804

( Beside Funan Mall /Peninsula Hotel / Opposite Peninsula Plaza )

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+65 6338 1196 HOTLINE:
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+65 6337 8855 FAX:

E-mail: jai-dev@hotmail.com

Buy / Sell / Buy-Back services  Available here

Trade in Services Welcome

E-mail: jai-dev@hotmail.com

We accept all major credit cards (Master, Visa & Diners) & Nets payments


We can be found on all forms of Advertisements. The New Paper, and almost all local Online Sites. Why? Cause We want you to get the Best. new paper ad


Get down at CITY HALL MRT (NS25)  and find us after  a 5 - 7 Mins walk. 
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We are next to Funan Mall and Opposite to PENINSULA PLAZA.


peninsula shopping centre

3 Coleman Street
#01-29 (Ground Floor)
Peninsula Shopping Centre
Singapore 179804
( Beside Funan Mall /Peninsula Hotel / Opposite Peninsula Plaza )
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Is there any 7-Days Exchange/Return/Refund policy ?
A1 - No, we do not provide any Exchange/Return/Refund policy. We strongly advise all customers to inspect and check the product before leaving our store. All faulty items thereafter must be sent to the respective manufacturers' customer service centres for warranty claims, if applicable.

Q2- Why are your prices much lower than the official retail price ? Are they original agent set ?
A2 - We do our very best to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, therefore we charge a marginal profit for all phones.All phones are original agent warranty set and official receipt will be issued upon purchase.

Q3 - Are the prices subjected to the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
A3 - As we are not GST-Registered, all prices are not subjected to the GST. We are also not able to issue any GST-Refund since we are not GST-Registered.

Q4 - What are the mode of payment for the price listed in your website?
A4 - We accept cash / nets / credit card for payment in our retail shop.

Q5 - Are your phones unlocked ?
A5 - Yes, all phones are original factory-unlocked and can be used worldwide with any SIM cards. By legislation, all phones sold in Singapore cannot be SIM locked.

Q6 - Are all the prices listed without contract?
A6 - Yes, all prices listed are without contract or subscription.

Q7 - Do the products come with any warranty?
A7 - Yes, all items come with the respective manufacturer's local warranty, except for 'Export Set' which does not come with any warranty of any sort.
Export sets are  usually cheaper. Some models may also be available before they are launched locally. Export sets are sold without warranty.

Q10- Do you accept trade-in of used phones?
A10 - Yes, we accept trade-in of selected models. Please refer to the Trade-In Price List in our website for more details.

Q11 - Do you buy back used phones, even if I am not buying any new phones?
A11- Yes, we buy back most models even if you are not buying any phones from us.However, please check with us for the actual quotation.

Q12- What is the the value of my used phones?
A12- We can only quote you the trade-in value upon visual inspection of the used phones.

Sell all New / Preowned Mobile Phones / Cell Phones/ Mobile PhonesAll are Non Contract,  Cash and Carry.

If We Dont have stock, we can get it within 1 hour.

.we sellsell phone
We accept trade in
You can trade in your New / Used Mobile phone to off-set the price of your new mobile phone.
CASH given. No credit. We dont need the box.

We help you get the best trade-off value for your old handphones.

The actual value of your trade-in will depend on it's physical condition, original accessories incl memory cards, remaining manufacturer's warranty (if any) and original box.
trade in